Muddy Waters - The Story

Muddy Waters  - ‘The King of the Blues’, Festival Hall, Melbourne. September 4, 1974

Before the show that evening I have great memories of meeting Muddy Waters backstage at Festival Hall. He was in fine form and really looking forward to the concert. On leaving I shook hands with him and he said ‘I can guarantee a great show but I’ll be sitting down.’  I said I’d still do my best.

True to form, with his band, Muddy sang and played the blues like only a master can. It was absolutely fantastic. However I was shooting away when he suddenly stood up, and for 30 seconds gave an impromptu dance. And that was the exact moment that I was changing film. I couldn’t believe it... I had missed the shot of the concert.

However not to be defeated I came back the next night for the second performance – and waited… 

And guess what, three quarters of the way through show he did it again! But this time I was ready and nailed the shot I really wanted. For me the photograph tells much about the man, his strength, his humour, and his complete confidence as band leader and in his own musical ability – for my money the greatest original bluesman – an extraordinary guitar player and the even more extraordinary singer and composer of the blues. 

Truly - The King of the Blues.

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